Because of all the requests I receive from web surfers for a realistic crown of thorn -- I have RELUCTANTLY added them to my line. Please carefully consider the following information before ordering. Of all the realistic reproductions I offer - this crown of thorns reproduction is the only one I cannot give you many historical facts about. In all of my research for what kind of thorns the Romans made "The King of the Jews" a crown with, NO ONE can be 100% certain what kind of thorns the Romans used.

What I am certian of (this comes from the Catholic monks who have lived in the Jerusalem area since the time of the crusades) the ONLY  TYPE OF THORN BUSH/SMALL TREE NATIVE TO THE JERUSALEM AREA is a locust tree. Unlike most thorn trees or bushes, this thorn bush/small locust tree has a distinct double thorn pattern (the locust tree's seeds are where carob comes from - probably what John the Baptist was eating as well as locust insects). Each thorn is approximately ½ -1 inch long. The thorns are extremely sharp. SO MUCH FOR ALL THE PICTURES CROWNS OF THORNS WE HAVE ALL SEEN WITH LONG 2-3 INCH THORNS!!! Do you think the monks are lying? I don't.

All though some researchers are very confident that this double thorn bush is surely the type the Romans used to make Jesus Christ's crown of thorns - others are not so certain. Consider these other factors.

It is EXTREMELY unlikely that any thorn bushes were growing inside the city of Jerusalem itself. They would have been chopped down and used for firewood for hundreds of years. It is also very unlikely that a Roman soldier would leave the military courtyard (on the spur of the moment) in the middle of scourging, mocking, spitting on, and torturing Jesus of Nazareth. He would have to run at least ½ mile to get outside the city walls in order to find some thorns to make a special crown for the man who calls himself "The King of the Jews". The probability of that happening is very remote, especially when the Romans soldiers had rose bushes full of thorns branches growing right there in Pilate's beautiful courtyards.

Roman courtyardThe Romans were very big into flowery courtyards where roses were in fact one of their favorite flowers. If you have ever trimmed rose bushes you know how their thorns have a tendency to grab and hold whatever bit of skin they snag. Would it not be ironic that the one who is referred to in scripture as "the rose of Sharon" might have been tortured by the very thorns from the kind of flower mankind has continually used to say I love you with? I will be happy to use rose bush thorns in your crown if you prefer them. Better yet, why not save yourself some money and make yourself one from some rose bushes near you? BE SURE TO USE LEATHER GLOVES! In case you have not noticed, I would rather give you the facts and let you make up your own mind than try to mislead you just so I can make another sale. In case you did know it -- Jesus Christ took a very dim view to those who used deception to profit financially.

Another fact that must be considered when wondering what kind of thorns branches were the ones used in Jesus Christ' crown of thorns -- they MUST be freshly cut. All dried branches (the kind collected for making everyday cooking fires) break apart when bent into a head size circle. Try making a crown of thorns yourself sometime and you will quickly understand. I had to learn these things the hard way. (with lots of trial, error, cuts and scrapes) Be careful when letting others feel the thorns. As the weeks, months and years go by and this crown is thoroughly dried, the thorns break off quite easily if pressed sideways very hard.

Crown of thornsWhatever type of thorn it was, I trust that this crown of thorns will help you get a better idea of what it might have felt like to wear one.

The cost is $25 plus $10 packing and shipping.