Willy Jr.

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Willy Jr.

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Willy Jr.
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Dear Peacock Lovers, Victorian Era Collectors and Antique Dealers,

Welcome to the official web site of "The American Retired Peacock Preservation Society" (better known as TARPPS). WE URGE YOU TO READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION AND ALL THE CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS OF THIS ADOPTION (especially the fine print). In order to avoid law suits for false advertising, we are compelled to divulge all of the character flaws of each peacock up for adoption.

In case you do not know what a "RETIRED" peacock is or have never actually raised peafowl, it is VITAL that you understand - ALL PEAFOWL HAVE DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES AND LIFE EXPERIENCES THAT MAKE THEM WHAT THEY ARE (much like humans). Please, make sure this particular peacock has a personality type that will be compatible with your family before you adopt him. It is so sad when these details are not given proper consideration. If you feel this particular peacock's personality is will not be suited to your family, please check out the rest of out “retired” peacocks up for adoption. Surely you will find a suitable peacock for your home.

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This magnificent retired peacock's name is Willy Junior (who was recently christened "Saint Willy" at his retirement party). He is an extremely handsome Black shoulder peacock. Black shoulder peacocks are much rarer than India blues. They are arguably the best looking peacocks in the entire world. Junior stands 7 feet 2 inches from the tip of his crest to his tail. Junior's tail is exceptionally long 5’ 3” (about 1 foot longer than an average peacock’s tail). Junior's tail has all of its sword feathers (the long, solid green, sword shaped feathers that elegantly border most of the tail). Junior weighs only 6-7 pounds which is ideal if you would like to display him on a pedestal or a wall (L shaped brackets will be shipped so that you have options). Whichever retired peacock you chose to adopt -- they are all so awe inspiring, your guests will ask you all kinds of questions. If you will hand them Junior's biography, you will be able to use him to brighten any room, entertain guests, teach family values and share vitally important, politically incorrect, spiritual truths.

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BIOGRAPHY: (soon to be a chapter in “The Peacock Parable” series)

The founder and president of TARPPS would like to introduce you peacock lovers to another peacock who was nearly forced into early retirement because of his unrepentant, bad to the bone ways. Junior’s mother named her son Willy Junior after her hero (an ex American President by the name of Slick Willy). She idolized William Clinton because of his strong pro-choice stand. She worked zealously for the day when every peafowl hen would have the same pro-choice rights that every American woman has.

If you have read Charming Willy’s biography (the resting peacock, sitting on a branch) you already know about Willy Junior's infamous father. He was SO bad, he was forced into early retirement in the prime of life. That may sound cruel to those of you who are not up on peafowl society, but by the time you finish this description you will certainly understand why such drastic measures had to be taken. As happens so often among humans, Willy Junior turned out to be so much like his no good biological father that everyone was sure Willy Junior would be forced into early retirement as well. Most folks used to say the only difference between Willy Junior and his father were Junior’s gorgeous black wings (with beautiful shades of iridescent blues and greens). The only other nice thing that can be said of Junior in his younger days was -- he had an incredibly long, thick, perfect tail (still does).

The sad facts of Junior's messed up life are not all that surprising if you know the life stories of many incarcerated male humans. Usually their parent’s decisions have unknowingly hurt them so deeply that only a miracle of God can ever heal them. Junior entered this world an innocent victim, but soon became a victimizer as his hurt turned to hatred of his selfish, irresponsible, playboy father. Junior's mother had hoped he would turn out differently than his father after knowing what it felt like to grow up without his dad, but since that didn’t happen. She blamed his father for all of their problems and never had a clue that she was also responsible for Junior growing up so twisted.

Willy Junior only came to understand his mother’s liberal views as they took part in all the pro-choice demonstrations they marched in. Poor little Willy Junior was horrified when he eventually learned that pro-choice actually means pro-abortion. Junior had always felt like no one really wanted him – and when he found out his own mother wished he had never been born -- it explained a lot of the reasons he had always felt so unwanted. Growing up without his real father was hard enough to bear without knowing his own mother didn’t really want him. Junior was so devastated by the news he became disillusioned with life and he refused to march in any more pro-abortion rallies with his mother.

IT IS NOT SOME BIG MYSTERY WHY WILLY JUNIOR BEGAN TO EXPERIMENT WITH REALITY ESCAPING PILLS, DRUGS, AND BOOZE AS SOON AS IT WAS OFFERED TO HIM AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!! He felt just like a lot of little humans who have felt unwanted and rejected from as far back as the womb. It is with regret that we must tell you these sad details in Junior's life, but if we gloss it over you will never be able to understand the reasons for Saint Willy’s miraculous turn around.

Junior's mother's faith in male peacocks was shattered after seven failed marriages and countless boyfriends. She was the type who would never admit she had done anything to contribute to all her troubled relationships (her name was actually Martha but every one called her Martyr). She finally decided she was finished with marriage forever and consoled herself with boyfriends (who always left after really getting to know her). She turned to the ultra-feminists doctrines of the 20th century and tried her best to raise Junior without any male role models (plus she got more government handouts if she was not married).

When Willy Junior was very young he got along fairly well with most of his step dads, step brothers and step sisters. He often pleaded with his mother to know more about his biological father. Junior knew Martyr hated his biological father, but he wasn’t sure why. He kept asking her questions about his real dad hoping that maybe his real father might not be as bad as his mom hinted at all the time. On Junior’s second birthday, he made a wish out loud (before he blew out the two candles) that his mom would tell him all about his dad. She reluctantly told him the whole story. He found out his real dad was even worse than his mother had hinted at. Junior was left with no hope of ever being reconciled to his father. Since his mother seemed like a saint compared to his father, he believed everything she said. Junior had not yet learned that there are at least two sides to every story so it looked like Martyr was the poor innocent victim (like she wanted everyone to believe). From that point on little Junior was on a downward spiral.

TARRPS top animal psychologist is fairly certain Junior's mother should not have told Junior all the details about how badly she hated his father. She actually told the youngster how she was constantly trying to find which tree his dad roosted in so that she could tie him up as he slept. She told her impressionable young son how she dreamed of the day when she would slowly pluck out all of his father's crest feathers - SLOWLY (painfully) as he begged for mercy. Martyr then went to explain how after that torture treatment she was going to slowly peck off every feather from his head and neck so that he would look as ugly as a tom turkey. She told Junior that if she did not yet feel avenged, she had already purchased a pair of razor sharp chicken fighting steel gaffs for her grand revenge finale. She took them out of her purse to show Junior. She had practiced jabbing them into a dummy and estimated it would take 20 -30 jabs to slowly torture his father to death as he pleaded and begged for mercy. If this kind of rage seems excessive to humans you simply do not understand peafowl society at all!!! Have you never heard the saying "Hell hath no fury like a peafowl hen scorned"?

We do not believe it would be an exaggeration to say that unforgiveness played a large part in destroying Martyr's life, and if it were not for divine intervention, her mistakes would have ruined Junior's whole life. Martyr was so consumed with resentments she didn't have a clue her anger, bitterness, and rage spilled out of her beak all the time onto little innocent Junior. Whenever Junior would make something stupid or make a mistake, his mom would say such hurtful things like “you are as dumb as a doo doo bird”, or "you are just like your father". When Junior would try to lighten things up say something funny or cute she would say "How am I ever supposed to forget that no good blankedy blank father of yours? – He was always making jokes!!! "YOU REALLY ARE THE SPITTING IMAGE OF HIM".

Sometimes Martyr's rage frightened Junior badly. It was hard enough growing up without his real father (and six stepdads) but now the thought of maybe losing his mother (for trying to murder his real father) terrified young Junior. He begged her to give him just two years to grow up (and grow some spurs), then he would go after his father himself and hurt him even worse than she planned to do. She rather like the idea, and came up with a few more torture suggestions he might like to try. The more Junior thought about how his father had let them down, the more he was determined to get revenge (peafowl have a tendency to look for scapegoats the same way humans do).

Everybody at school began to notice Junior's attitudes getting worse and worse. He started flunking his classes and picking fights. Junior never told anyone what was really bothering him, so nobody knew what was happening inside of little Willy Junior and why he had changed so much.

Maybe if Junior's mother hadn't planted such vengeful ideas in his innocent, little peanut brain, he would not have made up his mind to track down his father and kill him. He spent so much time obsessing about how and what he was going to do to his father, he never noticed himself treating others badly. Junior was like so many young toughs who do not have a clue that "anger is a very bad counselor" or that the dark side now had full control of him -- using him to do its dirty work!

All of Junior's friends (including all of TARRPS staff who had supported Junior with contributions that came from adoptions) tried to reason with him. They begged him to at least let the Great Creator be the impartial judge of his father -- but Junior wanted justice NOW - not later! His heart grew so hard that he didn't notice how quickly he had turned into the very thing that he hated the most. A moody, mean, self-centered, unloving, irresponsible jerk -- just like his dad!

Junior rationalized his foul mouth, bitterness, hatred, unforgiveness and abusive ways by playing the victim like his mother did constantly. He wanted to believe he was only interested in getting justice (the same way terrorists do). Like all peacocks (and humans) who refuse to learn the ways of love, he couldn't see he was being used by the dark side to destroy himself and others. Junior was such a fool he did not even believe there was such a thing as a spirit world, let alone a devil and evil spirits who get their kicks out of taking advantage of anyone who is ignorant of their tactics.

It never even crossed Junior's mind that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LEARN TO LOVE WHEN UNFORGIVENESS POISONS YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!! As a result, when Junior reached adolescence, he continued substituting pills, drugs, booze and casual sex (like so many other screwed up teenagers and adults do) to numb the pain and try to find some kind of temporary happiness or peace of mind. Because of Junior's stunning good looks he found it easy to mesmerize, flatter, use and abuse almost every gullible hen who laid eyes on him. They only saw his outward beauty and did not realize he was a devil inside. He took advantage of so many foolish hens he bragged about making Bill Clinton, Hugh Hefner, and Larry Flint look like and a bunch of amateur playboys. All the repeated warnings, mandatory group therapy, psychological counseling and months of jail time for being a deadbeat dad, did nothing but make him meaner. Partying, anger, fighting and vengeance were the only things that made any sense to him -- so as always happens, he ended up back in the pen with the rest of his type.

We wish we did not have to tell you the whole tragic tale of Willy Junior’s life, but then TARRPS could be sued for hiding incriminating evidence. Like his infamous father (Charming Willy) Willy Junior had a rap sheet a mile long. Everyone except for the shallow, gullible hens knew he was nothing but trouble. A trial was held on May 9, 1998 by a jury of his peers. He was convicted of 17 crimes against peafowl society and $10,000 chick support. The judge sentenced him to 120 years behind bars (which equals 12 life sentences), caponizing (castration of a male bird), and the death penalty (which meant early retirement). Only one other peacock in recorded peafowl history had been more trouble than Willy Junior. You guessed it. Junior’s infamous, absent, biological father, Charming Willy.

Click image for larger view.

Junior’s sentence may seem excessive to humans, but you must remember peafowl have much higher standards than humans. Allow me to give you a few reasons. First, peafowl have always been associated with the highest levels of human society. These stately birds have historically lived around royal palaces, strolled with kings and queens, and graced ritzy mansions the world over with their presence. They have a lofty image and high standards to protect. Another reason these birds have much stricter standards than humans is the simple fact that in peafowl society the males are the pretty ones and the females are very homely in comparison. When the world's most beautiful, most impressive, most gorgeous males start strutting in all their glory for a homely (ugly in comparison) female, no normal, red blooded, female peafowl can withstand that kind of irresistible temptation for long. If that kind of behavior was tolerated for very long, the very foundations of peafowl society (the family) would be destroyed. Therefore, no playboy peacocks can be tolerated!!!

TARPPS defense lawyer appealed the courts verdict and through a very clever strategy was able to help Willy Junior come to his senses and repent of all his no good ways before he was executed and went straight to hell. This case is by far the most interesting and rewarding criminal trial TARRPS has ever been a part of. There was not a dry eye in the house. Even the judge had to call a recess to dry his eyes and get his composure.

TARPPS lawyer brought 23 of Junior's abandoned chicks to testify (in their own words) how hard it was for them not to have a dad (in the hope that Junior would repent, before he got the death penalty and had to go meet his maker). Junior was shocked by his lawyer's strategy and did not have a clue what his lawyer was trying to do. Junior had to try hard not to let all the little chicks sad stories bother him. We all found out later that Junior's hard heart had begun to soften as one chick after another, after another expressed their grief.

Six hours of heart wrenching stories began to jog Junior's memories and he started remembering hurtful things he had completely forgotten. Things like - how many times he had made a birthday wish for his dad to come back before he blew out the candles. He had forgotten how much it hurt a youngster not to be able to brag like the other chicks about how "my dad's better than your dad". One little guy even blamed himself for being born. Junior started to explain to him how it was not his fault, but the judge would not allow him to speak. The poor little chick began to sob as he tried to finish telling about how much harder life had become after Junior left them. His mother committed suicide shortly thereafter and the little guy had to be sent to an orphanage.

After six hours Junior couldn't take any more. After so many heart breaking chick testimonies, he finally saw what horrible pain he had caused these innocent little chicks. He broke down and wept for about 15 minutes as the truth of what he had done became more and more apparent. He later told us he had been flooded with painful memories which he had pushed completely out of his mind. He saw himself once again as a little innocent chick crying out to God asking why? WHY? WHY? Why did his dad abandon him? Why did his mom hate his dad so bad? Why were he and his brothers and sisters always hungry and poorer than other families? Why was his dad not around to warn or protect them when neighborhood dogs and cats would sneak up on them and kill them just for fun. He had tried so hard to forget hearing their cries and stop seeing their chewed up little bodies in his nightmares.

After Junior regained his composure, he asked the judge if he could at least apologize to each one of the chicks and ask them to forgive him. The judge consented. Of course the little chicks quickly forgave him when they saw the tears in his eyes. They did not understand why the judge would not let Junior play with them and teach them how to strut properly. Peacocks start strutting even as little chicks.

Junior asked the judge if he could apologize to each of the hens in the courtroom he had taken advantage of and asked them to forgive him as well. The judge consented. It surprised the judge when Junior then asked him to carry out the law and give him the worst possible death sentence quickly. He was quoted in the Peacock Times newspaper as saying, "I deserve to roast like a chestnut in hell for all the hurt I've caused". The seasoned old judge and the jury were shocked and awed at what they had witnessed. The judge recessed until the next day so that they could reflect and pray for guidance. He was fairly sure it was all just a good act from another slick peacock con man trying to get life in the pen instead of a certain death.

The next day, right before the judge stood up to read the verdict and give the final sentencing -- a young peacock by the name of Joshua asked to be allowed to approach the bench. The judge allowed this unusual request because he knew Joshua well. Joshua was a priest who was studying to become a public defender. The judge really liked Joshua because he was the most good-hearted peacock he had ever taught the law to at the local university. Joshua whispered something to the old judge which we found out about later.

It seems that there is a little known ancient law in the peafowl law books which allows a guilty offender to go free if an innocent peafowl is willing to take the offenders full punishment. The judge looked stunned, as if he did not know what to do next. After a few minutes to reflect on young Joshua's request, he had to do what he always did. He carried out the laws he was sworn to uphold.

As the judge stood to give the final sentencing, he explained to the jury and the court room what Joshua had asked him to do. With tears in his eyes he asked Joshua to reconsider. Joshua would not change his mind so the judge was forced to formally order that Joshua be taken to the maximum security prison for execution. The judge then asked Joshua if there was anything he would like to say to anyone before he endured Junior's death sentence. Joshua eyes radiated with kindness as he scanned the court room and said "greater love has no peafowl than this -- that he would lay down his life for his friends". Then Joshua looked directly at Willy Junior and kindly said "Listen to me Junior- I want you to know something - even if no one else in the whole world thinks you are worth dying for -- I do!!! Be free, and sin no more."

The next day a national peacock newspaper reporter who witnessed Joshua's execution said that when the warden asked Joshua if he would like to say any last words before the axe fell, Joshua raised his head up off the chopping block and quoted a line from a classic peacock novel called "A Tale of Two Peacock Cities". His last words were engraved on his tombstone and in the hearts of those who love him. "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done".

The impact of what Joshua had done took many of us skeptics years to understand or see any value in. When the old judge turned to Junior and told him he could go free, it just did not seem right!!! What if Junior went on committing his crimes and victimizing some more hens and chicks? Where was justice!!!! It seemed to everyone that Joshua had wasted his righteous life on a no good, criminal, con artist. Junior didn't know what to do. He didn't even know what the word sin meant!!! All he could do was cry. He cried for a long, long time. He still gets misty when he talks about Joshua. Nobody had ever loved him more than themselves before.

After years of reflecting on this case is seems like Joshua was not the only one who died that day. It looks like that old, bad to the bone, Willy Junior died also. From that day forward it has been as if Junior was starting life all over again. His new life grew despite the fact that all of us were suspicious and did not trust any of his motives. We all watched him like a hawk because we thought Joshua's good life had been wasted on one of the worst peacock sinners we'd ever known.

As weeks grew into months and years, everybody (including the hens) started to trust Junior a little because he really did change. Junior had always been a total failure at being good, so he went to the peafowl, who had personally known Joshua, and tried to find out as much as he could about Joshua. He quickly learned two of Joshua’s favorite scriptures from the peafowl scriptures. #1. If your mother and your father forsake you (let you down, hurt you real bad) the Lord will lift you up (adopt you like an orphaned lamb). Psalms 27:10

#2. "Love always wants to protect you, love is always quick to trust, always hopes for the best and endures -- Love never fails". #3. "For God is love, and anyone who lives in love lives in God, and God lives in them".

Junior decided he would just start trusting what Joshua believed more than his own screwed up understanding -- so he started doing what Joshua would do even when it didn’t make any sense to him (he had always done things his way and knew that was usually wrong). We all were very surprised to see that Joshua had not died in vain. We began to see that the love in Joshua was MUCH stronger than the hatred/rage/hurt that was in Junior (in fact – real love is the only weapon that can overpower all those destructive forces).

Junior is the only peacock to date who has won TARRPS "MOST IMPROVED PEACOCK" award four years in a row. Willy Junior’s name was officially changed to Saint Willy at that ceremony since we had all started calling him that anyway. You would not believe the deafening sound of all the peacock screaming that day as they announced their approval (peacock’s don’t clap –- they scream). We are all SO proud of him because we know how hard he struggled to learn how to love others as much as himself (a particularly difficult thing for arrogant peacocks to do)!

Recently at Junior’s retirement party he was awarded the most prestigious of all peacock awards. You guessed it – The golden "NOBEL PEACOCK PEACE PRIZE” trophy. Saint Willy humbly walked up to the microphone and with tears tried to give the award back because it seemed wrong to him to take credit for what he did not do. TARRPS officials would not take it back so Saint Willy thanked Joshua one more time as the crowd screamed louder than ever heard before. We all new that bad Willy Junior had become one of the most honest, kind, forgiving, humble, gentle, generous, best peacocks we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I guess it just goes to show you, Saint Willy is a great example of what Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said "he who has been forgiven of a lot, is able to love a lot”.

We are also so thrilled to tell you that Saint Willy's mother Martyr was touched in her heart by the dramatic change in Junior, she started asking Junior to help her understand his new ways of living. She knew her son and he seemed so happy and at peace for the first time in his life. She listened to Junior’s stumbling, bumbling attempts to try to explain a new way for her learning to deal with pain and sorrow. She found the strength to admit that she too must have been wrong about so many things. She has actually turned into a wonderful grandmother to all of her son's offspring. She even changed her political party and started voting pro-life! There is little doubt in anyone's mind that she has truly repented.

As you reflect on this happy ending, I hope you will consider what the outcome might have been if TARRPS lawyers had not been there (supported by your adoption contributions). How many more tragic Junior Willy stories might there have been without TARRPS????? FOLKS, IT IS TIME TO GET INVOLVED!!! Help TARRPS rescue some more orphaned peafowl and elderly peacocks.

Willy Junior is now an honored member of TARRPS. He is an inspiration and a pleasure. He spends most of his day preening and thinking pleasant thoughts about how wonderful his golden years have turned out. He eagerly anticipates the day when he will be living in a beautiful, warm, Victorian home with central heating instead of shivering outside in the freezing cold all next winter!

Normally your contribution would rescue another elderly peacock from 4-6 months of shivering outside all winter, but we agreed to honor Junior's final request. Your contribution will go towards battered hen shelters, and chick orphanages. Your generous contribution will also help us alert everyone to the inhumane treatment of aging peacocks!

Our polling data has concluded that the majority of you peacock lovers think the staff at TARPPS are a bunch of tree hugging, vegetarian, new age wacko’s, but that is NOT entirely true. We do believe in saving the whales, the wolves, the air, and the universe while we are at it -- BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! WHAT ABOUT ALL THE AGING PEACOCKS OF AMERICA? COME ON YOU SOFT HEARTED, PEACOCK LOVING AMERICANS---- WE MUST NOT LET THIS INJUSTICE CONTINUE!!!

In case you have not noticed, TARRPS is not ashamed to cry, plead, beg or try any number of shameless tactics in our quest to find warm homes to adopt our aging feathered friends. Peacocks never asked to be brought to America! They were UNJUSTLY forced to leave their tropical homeland of India so that America might finally have some beautiful looking birds. IT IS SO UNFAIR! How much longer will humans ignore the plight of aging peacocks? After all that peacocks have done to bring magnificent beauty to the world – isn’t it time we come to the aid of battered hens and fatherless chicks? SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, PLEASE ADOPT SAINT WILLY!

Click image for larger view.

If compassion, pity or levity is moving you to get involved, but you have serious concerns about whether you and your neighbors could handle all the loud, blood curdling peacock screams coming from inside your house - YOU MAY REST ASSURED. The American Retired Peacock Preservation Society has solved that age old coexistence problem. The same brain surgeon who fixed Junior's biological father's libido problems has also learned how to disconnect the screaming mechanism in a male peacock’s brain so that humans and peacocks can live in harmony together indoors! It is truly marvelous.

Before you decide about Saint Willy, you must be willing to comply with just six guaranteed benefits of TARPPS luxury retirement plan:

#1.New family home must have central heating and be willing to give Junior a conspicuous place where everyone who sees him will be almost as enamored with his majestic beauty as he is with himself. Peacocks love being the center of attention, and looking good is a job Junior can certainly handle. It will help him keep his dignity and self-respect throughout his golden years.

#2. No one will be allowed to ruffle his feathers. Peacocks do not appreciate humans touching them with oily hands (a sheepskin duster will be provided for proper cleaning).

#3. Please do not tell anyone about Junior's early years unless you explain the whole story and how it all worked together for good when he decided to let love and forgiveness control him rather than hatred and revenge. If you feel you must divulge his past, be sure to explain about Joshua and how the cancer of unforgiveness ruined his father’s life, his mother’s life, and almost destroyed him and the lives of his offspring. We hope that Junior’s mistakes will serve as a wakeup call for those who might be having trouble forgiving others who have hurt them and have not yet learned how overcome evil with good.

#4. Junior occasionally needs a little entertainment. He likes extravagant parties and a little music (peacocks prefer classical music, love songs, and a little Indian folk music). Please do NOT play any Rap music, or blood curdling screaming may still occur!

#5. New Family must help us get the word out about the plight of aging peacocks.

#6. If new family members can sing on key we hope you begin to sing TARPPS’ well-known theme songs as often as possible. PLEASE DO NOT SING IF YOU CAN’T SING ON KEY. YOU WILL NOT BE HELPING OUR CAUSE!

#1st song: “What the world needs now, is homes warm homes, no not just for some old peacocks, but for every one. What the world needs now, is homes more homes, that’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.” (sung to the tune of “what the world needs now is love”)

#2nd song: Oh I’d like to be a warm retired peacock, that is what I’d really like to be, for if I were a warm retired peacock, everyone would be in love with me. (sung to the tune of “Oh I’d like to be and Oscar Meyer wiener”)

As incredible as it may sound, our “retired” peacocks have removable tails, and can be sent UPS in two separate boxes for as little as $60.00 packing and shipping (normally it costs around $200 to ship a long tailed taxidermy peacock). It also enables one to transport these birds in a car instead of a van (very important for retailers).

Click image for larger view.

FACTS: To those of you who have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction, JUNIOR IS JUST A STUFFED/TAXIDERMY PEACOCK. Because our taxidermy peacocks always seem to become one of the main conversation pieces in every home, these copy written retirement stories are designed to give the new owners some facts and fiction to humor their guests. The American Retired Peacock Preservation Society is just another for profit business that masquerades itself as a charity.

This particular peacock story was also written to cause grudge carrying, unforgiving people of all ages to consider the damage they are doing to themselves and others (especially those they love the most). If the notion of overcoming evil with good seems ridiculous to you, YOU MAY BE IN MUCH WORSE SHAPE THAN TWO FICTIOUS PEACOCKS NAMED WILLY JUNIOR OR MARYTR. Do you really think you know more about dealing with hurts and anger than Jesus of Nazareth? Consider how misguided you might be to think you have life figured out better than him. Maybe you should at least consider what Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela did by putting some of Jesus Christ’s ideas into political practice.

If Junior’s story can cause any one to examine their way of dealing with hurt and anger, that is worth far more to me than making another sale. Selling "retired" peacocks is just a different way to pay the bills and spread the good news that "God demonstrated his great love for us in this way: while were sinners (doing very hurtful things to ourselves and others) Christ still died for us" Romans 5:8. If you doubt my interpretation of the meaning of Christ’s death, at least read Roman 8:31-32 and II Corinthians 5:14 – 6:2 before you correct me.


#1. Peacocks are native to India.

#2. The circulation of older peacocks does get bad in their feet (just like humans) and they do suffer out in the cold.

#3. Most peacock owners are glad (particularly their neighbors) to get rid of extra males to cut down on all the loud, blood curdling screaming (peacocks scream to warn others, threaten and challenge other males not to trespass or mess with their harem).

#4. Many of the extremely long tailed 7-15 years old males we purchase really are bullied around by the younger more dominant 4-6 year olds. The life of younger and older male peacocks can be very humiliating.

#5. Dominant males can really do damage with their spurs to each other and even humans if they decide to. Peacock owners gladly sell their bad tempered males to me cheaply just to get rid of them (because even if you hit them hard with a two by four, they just keep coming back for more and get meaner).

#6. Some male peacocks (like some men) enjoy their “be fruitful and multiply” mandate entirely too much. They really care about no one but themselves.

#7. All male peacocks are the epitome of vanity. If there are no female peafowl to try and impress, they will strut for each other or just about anything that moves (much like a dumb as dirt, domestic Tom turkey). It is so comical to watch them start strutting when they are just little chicks.

#8. Vanity in gorgeous peacocks is at least understandable -- but when men do the same thing it is only laughable. C. S. Lewis once said "vanity is the only fault that is laughable".

Saint Willy’s tail is as easy to put on and take off - as hanging a picture on a wall. I am not kidding this time. There is a hook on Junior’s tail and a clip on his back to hang it to.

If you have any question, contact Joel Donahoe, the founder and president of TRAPPS/resident brain surgeon/animal psychologist/author/taxidermist.

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