Black Panther
Roosters and Hens
Cat-of Nine-Tails




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Pinto Bareback


RHT 502

RHS 503

White w/Black
RHWB 506

Black w/White
RHWB 505

Black Beauty
RHBB 501
RHSP 504

Black Beauty comes complete with one 
white "stocking" and a "star"  on forehead.


Here are some examples of the variations possible with these adorable ponies.  Some other types available, but not shown are gray donkey, white unicorn, and black mule.

The horses are very sturdy and durable.  They will support 100 lbs. and are completely washable -(no bleach please).

They can all be ordered with or without detachable rockers which are made from pine with an oak finish.  Oak is available at an additional cost.

You may also choose saddled or bareback.  Saddle colors available are black, brown, and gold.  Styles are Western and English. (Black Beauty is show with an English saddle. The others are Western.) Please specify color and style choices.  All tack is removable for proper grooming after a long ride.  The saddle cinches up just like the real thing.

Dimensions with rockers: Approximately 42" long, end to end of rockers,  34" tall (from base to the top of the head), and 22" wide (the width of the rockers).

Dimensions without rockers:  Approximately 31" long, 30" tall, and 11' wide.

Weight:  Approximately 15 lbs. with rockers. 10 lbs. without rockers.

Fabrication:  Made from polyurethane foam, resin, fiberglass, 1/32" rayon flocking on face.  Hide is 100% 1/2" cut and straightened sheepskin.  Main and tail are created from dyed Icelandic sheepskin.  Saddle is fiberglass, bridle and reins are leather.

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