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Welcome to the official web site of “The American Retired Peacock Preservation Society”(better known as TARPPS). WE ARE THE ONLY “RETIRED” PEACOCK ADOPTION AGENCY IN THE WORLD! 

WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION OF THIS WHITE PEACOCK AND ALL THE CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS OF THIS ADOPTION (especially the fine print). In order to avoid law suits, we are compelled to divulge all personal character flaws of each peacock up for adoption. In case you do not yet know what a “retired” peacock is or have never raised peafowl, it is VITAL that you understand, peacocks are very similar to humans in many ways. All peafowl have different personalities and life experiences that make them what they are.

Please, make sure this particular peacock’s personality is just the right type that will be compatible with your family before you adopt him. It is so sad when character traits and personality types are not given proper consideration. If you feel this particular peacock is not suited to your family, look over the other “retired” peacocks we have available. Surely you will find one that will be a perfect fit with your family.

DESCRIPTION:This magnificent white peacock’s name it Honky. He is Whitey’s brother. White peacocks are one of the rarest breeds of peacocks and this one is even more unique than most white peacocks. Not only is he a perfect specimen, he INSISTS that his feet be manicured pink!!! AND — that he have a dowel base to show off on!!!! All peacocks are vain, but Honky may be the most vain — or the most fashion conscious of all!!! 

BE SURE TO CONTACT US BEFORE YOU TRY TO ADOPT HONKY TO MAKE SURE HE IS WILLING TO MOVE TO YOUR AREA OF THE COUNTRY. HE IS ONLY INTERESTED IN LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY, LA, OR SAN FRANCISCO. Since Honky is such a unique boy, we can only try our best to find him a home in the towns he dreams of spending his golden years.

White peacocks are not genetic freaks like albinos. Their eye color varies from dark brown all the way to blue. 

Honky stands nearly 6 feet 9 inches from the tip of this crest to the tip of his tail. His tail alone is 5 foot (which is very long for a White peacock — white peacocks a bit smaller than the dominant India Blues). Whitey weighs only 5-6 pounds, which is ideal if you would like to display him on a wall (L shaped brackets will be shipped to you no charge if you want them). You can leave the brackets off and put him on some type of pedestal. The wood base is primed white so you can paint it to match your colors. There is a felt covering on the bottom of the base. BIOGRAPHY: (soon to be a chapter in “The Peacock Parable” series)(soon to be written — writers still on strike)