Joel Donahoe

About Joel
Joel Mark Donahoe founded natures Designs in 1978. His interest in wildlife was enhanced while being raised in East Africa where his parents were missionaries. His views of conservation and protection of wildlife led him to his first life-like reproduction of the endangered beautiful Black Panther, made from sheepskin. Increasingly there became a demand for many other original reproductions from people who enjoy the special ambiance that certain animals can bring to their homes.

After the late Phyllis Morris, (who Merv Griffin called “the most sought after decorator in the world”), put Joel’s animals in her catalog, his creations began to take up residence in some of the following worlds most rich and famous homes. Joel appreciates the fact that they are well cared for, but admits to getting a little jealous sometimes since neither Bob Hope nor Robin Williams nor Elton John nor even Herb Albert have ever even one time invited him to their homes, let alone wanted him to become a part of their family! He laughingly consoles himself by saying that he really didn’t even care to be invited to Liberace’s or Danielle Steel’s home anyway.

Joel still keeps his business very personalized, doing most of the work himself. His real passion is volunteering to teach incarcerated juvenile delinquents the gospel by using his eagles, sheep, goats, and fighting chickens to illustrate bible lessons. He considers himself a missionary to a generation of young American pagans who know even less about the good news Jesus Christ announced than the illiterate Africans living out in the middle of nowhere that his missionary parents tried to help.

For pricing information contact Joel to determine wholesale/retail prices. Payment methods accepted are Pay Pal, checks and money orders.

For any other questions or orders, the artist, Joel M. Donahoe, can be contacted at:

Joel Donahoe
1718 South Church Street
Visalia, CA 93277

Phone – (509) 833-0902